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Many owners tell us that owning a private jet can sometimes be tiresome. Our job is to make jet ownership a simple and seamless routine, by taking over the complex details of aircraft operations and maintenance, presenting the joy of jet ownership to our clients.


With our experience, technical expertise, and care for our clients, we manage our aircraft with efficiency, transparency, reliability, discretion, and flexibility. Additionally, our team of experts can provide a range of tailored consultancy services based on a variety of requirements, from advising jet purchases to managing airworthiness. Let us help you take care of the tedious aircraft matters for you through our range of customized private jet management programs and make you enjoy your aircraft ownership experience.

Flight Operations

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Our operations team assists customers by handling all logistics relating to each respective flight arrangement, ensuring operational standards are in place to provide them with the most cost-efficient and smooth route. In order to do so, factors such as required travelling documents, departure and arrival permits are all taken care of by us before each trip to provide our clients with an effortless, hassle-free journey above the clouds.


Technical Consultation

AEGLE strives to provide aircraft owners with efficient technical support by assisting you with making key decisions based on up-to-date market research. We also provide services such as aircraft registration and inspection before purchase and delivery, ensuring our customers with the best private jet experience possible. 

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