Are We?

     Aegle (in Latin) signifies “Splendour” and “Brightness”.

         The founders of Aegle strongly believed in providing private jet owners with a peace-of-mind by taking care of all the A – Z aircraft management details. Being founders and managers, what sets Aegle apart from other companies in the attitude and approach we take when it comes to taking care of your needs.


         Every decision, any undertaking will be made with high transparency in your best benefit, which is why clients regard us as trustworthy partners. 


         Since Aegle was founded, we have relied on our customer’s recommendations and referrals for new clientele, because, in our business, our actions speak louder than words.

        With our own operations and maintenance staff, you can be assured of a smooth journey.


GLOBAL WINGS is a Worldwide Leading Business Aviation Integrated Service Provider. The Group continuous improving standards of the Business Aviation Industry and creating a high level of Comprehensive Service Platform.

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