5 million in a one month period buying shares in semiconductor

The unbought or unsold cheese was sometimes just abandoned in trailers to rot. Dairy prices rebounded, and funds were diverted into other things, like the military and corporate grants.To simplify; the government destroyed tons of a normally expensive finished food product, rather than simply giving it away.But honestly, this kind of inhumanity is basically the GOP brand. Why would I ever keep an open mind for people who literally think that not starving to death is a privilege that must be earned?These are people who literally believe that if you starve to death, it your own fault for being too poor to afford food.I might even been open to the general idea of “fiscal conservatism”, if that mean actually tackling government waste by defunding our bloated military, or placing strict public spending limits on elected officials.But no, whenever Republicans want to try to save some taxpayer money, the first thing they aim for is social safety nets like food stamps.These people can fucking eat shit.

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