Owning a business jet should be a hassle-free process. 

AEGLE Aviation understands the importance of a good ownership experience and aims to become a trustworthy partner for aircraft owners.

AEGLE Aviation was founded by a team of highly experienced professionals specializing in business jet management. Its mission is to provide business jet owners with a peace-of-mind and a reliable and consistent service. The AEGLE Aviation team is fully committed and strive to exceed client’s expectations by upholding the highest standard of customer service, safety and wholeheartedly cares with the ultimate goal of being a trustworthy partner for its clients and aircraft owners.

Major Shareholder

In November 2015, China Aviation AVIC Investment Fund (AVIC Trust and CAIGA Partnership) joined AEGLE Aviation as its new majority shareholder.
China Aviation AVIC Investment Fund is a capital fund registered in China and a partnership of AVIC Trust and CAIGA. CAIGA has acquired US based company Cirrus and possesses a world-class general aircraft industry chain, the major products include SR20, SR22 and SF50. Its business spectrum covers parts & components manufacturing, final assembly and delivery, pilot training, aviation club, general aviation operation, business aviation, Fixed Base Operator (FBO), maintenance, leasing and various sectors.

AVIC has full confidence in AEGLE Aviation team. Their investment represents a new and exciting phase of growth for the company, creating far-reaching value for all its existing clients and stakeholders. With AVIC’s support, the company would take on various new expansion projects around the region.